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Kelli And Zach
I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you two. The perfect team, and a one of a kind couple. For me, Kelli’s story hits close to home. She is not only an amazing mother, but also a wonderful step mother. The love she has for her children and Zach is amazing! Thank you for letting me film your wedding, but to also allow me to give you the perfect memory of your special day. 
November 26, 2022

Kirstin and Brett:

This amazing couple finally got to celebrate their wedding after COVID forced them to change plans - an entire 3 years of waiting! Watching all of their family come together to become one was truly amazing, and it was the cherry on top to a beautiful day. Thank you for choosing me to help capture your memories that will last a lifetime. I wish you two nothing but love and happiness!

September 24, 2022#happilyeverhesselberg

Teeny and Terry:

If the most perfect September night existed, it would have been this night! Terry & TeeJay put together this wedding right in the back yard of Terry’s childhood home - located in Naperville, IL. From a food truck, to an ice cream truck, to great music, and great people, all put together to celebrate these two’s love for one another. Congrats to these newly weds, and thank you for letting me to be apart of your special day!

September 17, 2022

Cristiana and Blake:

This wedding is special to me. Blake is like a brother to me. His family has always been my second family. Cristiana is such an amazing soul! The way she loves Blake’s daughters is incredible to watch! You can hear the love they have in there vows. When Cristiana reads her vows to her stepdaughter, I lost it. I could not be more happy for Cristiana & Blake. They have made such a beautiful life & I can’t wait to watch it continue as they enter a new chapter of life. Thank you for letting me be part of your day! - September 10, 2022

Camille and Shawn:
This was such a small, simple, beautiful wedding. Located at the Rock in Coal Valley. Listening to Camilles Speech about how her and Shawn first meant back in 2008 & how they found each other again 2021 after so many years of not being in contact. Thank you for letting me be apart of your day!
- September 3, 2022

Laura and Dan: 
They are so in love and are so loved. They both have changed so many peoples lives. It was such a beautiful wedding full of happiness and love. This was so special. It was an honer filming their sweet treat. Truly amazing! I wish them nothing but the best.
- July 17th, 2022

Mallory and Cody:
Capturing the Bailey's love for each other this past weekend was truly amazing. It was the perfect weather for this Catholic wedding. They are so clam and relaxed. I wish them nothing but the best and can't thank them enough for letting me spend the day with them.
-June 18th, 2022

Laurel and Tyler :

Laurel and Tylers wedding took place at the University Club in downtown Moline. It was my absolute pleasure filming this amazing couple. They are so in love. There wedding was beautiful. Laurel was a beautiful bride. Tyler is such an awesome guy. They are so blessed.

-May 7th, 2022


Freddy and Leslie:

It was a beautiful night for a proposal. Freddy and Leslie are so in love and loved. They had so many friends and family out helping make this the perfect proposal.  


Nunn Family Photoshoot:

This family is amazing to work with. They truly love their babies and work so well as a team

Brock Family Photoshoot:

I've been able to watch this family grow from the start. Their sweet Aiden was a ball of energy. Such a happy boy!

Short Films

Rae Arelle Photography:

Watch this clip of a local photographer - also the one who motivated me to start this crazy journey.  Raven specializes in Couples & Wedding Photography.

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